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Natural Look Affects Cosmetics Sales

Posted: August 31, 2009

A new report from Mintel examines the effects of the recession and current trends in makeup and cosmetics sales.

Since 2008, women have been maintaining a more natural look for makeup, which may translate into fewer product purchases in the cosmetics category overall, as women use less makeup overall, shying away from heavy eye shadows and lipsticks while also gravitating toward neutral tones. Even the decision to move toward neutral tones speaks to less purchasing, since much of cosmetics usage and purchase is predicated on the plethora of colors available, for any occasion.

The United States continues to struggle with the recession, which is affecting even stalwart categories such as personal care, and the color cosmetics market has been feeling its effects, with increased sales only in the eye makeup segment. Economic pressures are likely to continue to depress category growth, at least in the short term, as women trade down to less pricey makeup options and choose to go with a simpler look.

A new report from Mintel Oxygen examines the following market topics:

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