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Lipstick Effect Replaced by Austerity Chic?

Posted: June 1, 2009

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They are also, not surprisingly, adapting their spending on beauty treatments. Americans are most likely to cut back on beauty treatments by extending the time between treatments or switching to DIY at-home for facials, manicure/pedicure, waxing, blow-dry or hair coloring. Of users, 50% claim to have cut down on beauty treatment spending. On the other hand, women in the UK are least likely to stop having beauty treatments with only one in four claiming to have stopped going for treatments. And French women are the most frugal, they are most likely to switch from the salon to doing treatments at home.

Reflecting the fact that the United States has been in a recession for longer than Europe, a third of women surveyed there said they'd switched to a lower priced brand for their skin care, hair care or cosmetics, compared to just 25% in the United Kingdom and France. The research also showed that the U.S. market favored quantity: Americans were most likely to buy value-sized or multiaction products, followed by the British.

French women are most dedicated to their beauty products, with 12% saying they had cut back on other things in order to keep buying their favorite beauty products. In contrast, fewer than one in 10 consumers in the US and UK said the same. French women also rated highest in terms of frugality, with the highest percentage saying that they prefer to wait until beauty products are on sale.