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Exploring New Business Technology

By: Victoria L. Rayner
Posted: June 23, 2008, from the June 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Miscellaneous management. Budget forecasting, client procedures and expenditures, and networking capabilities to link multiple computers in different locations.

Sales transactions. Sales transactions with bar code ability and credit card processing capabilities.

Team member management. Work schedules and overtime features to monitor absences and punctuality of team members, as well as performance records.

Touch-based applications. As a group, those who work in the spa industry are very tactile and spatially oriented. Consequently, a touch-screen computer monitor and software program can be a welcome technological aid. Many professionals believe that it is a highly reliable replacement for the traditional computer navigation method of a keyboard and mouse. It is more efficient and faster because the screen remains on and ready to use. Items can be located quickly and activated by the touch of a finger, or even a gloved hand. The program’s functions are divided into modules, which skin care centers can purchase as needed, based on individual needs. Current features include point of sale, inventory control/products, services, client management, appointment book, team member roster, clubs/client incentives, marketing, miscellaneous income/petty cash and security/logs.

Telecommunications management. A highly efficient telephone system is vital for every spa facility. It must respond to and support all communication to clients, vendors, and business and medical associates. Because the telephone is the most frequently used form of technology in a skin care facility, every team member should be well informed on all of the phone system’s features, advantages and benefits. The ramifications of a poorly chosen or inadequately utilized telecommunication system are many, but none are as devastating as the potential loss of revenue from prospective and existing clientele.