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Defining Your Customer by Consumer Type

By: Anna Lempereur-Moine
Posted: June 11, 2008, from the November 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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These consumers make retail purchasing decisions based on pricing and value, not because of uniqueness and other quality-enhancing features that may appeal to the other personas. They usually will frequent a spa if they receive a gift certificate, or if they have heard of a promotion or have received a positive word-of-mouth recommendation from someone they know. Distributing travel sizes that provide an inexpensive sampling method to prove efficacy for new products offers an attractive option for this group. Remember that these consumers want to maximize the value of their purchases.

Meet your customers’ needs

By viewing your customers as specific personality types, rather than by age group or market segment, you can meet their needs better by improving your menu selection and marketing accordingly. Cross-marketing efforts also can be implemented that offer unique and innovative problem-solving strategies to satisfy the desires of each group.

When targeting a specific group, it’s important to remember a few points. Give consumers self-improvement tools that are understandable, accessible and adaptable. Be realistic when communicating the results of a product or service, as well as what kind of financial investment is involved. Relate products to clients on an emotional level, and emphasize how they affect each of the senses. Enhance the core values of family, connections and experiences by offering discount programs for shared leisure time between family and friends. Don’t forget to focus on overall customer service; every consumer—regardless of their personality—is always a customer first.

When you share your expertise with members of each consumer group on a level they can understand, you not only will enhance existing client impressions of your establishment, but also encourage word-of-mouth recommendations that can result in a new client base.