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Defining Your Customer by Consumer Type

By: Anna Lempereur-Moine
Posted: June 11, 2008, from the November 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Recently, the number of LOHAS consumers has decreased, although the usage of LOHAS products and services has shown an increase of double-digit rates. Evidently, consumers who don’t fit the LOHAS demographic are expressing greater interest in these products and services because of three concepts.

  1. The consumer becomes aware of the need for a healthier lifestyle.
  2. There is a desire to save money on utilities, such as electricity and gas.
  3. The eco-chic allure of environmentally friendly brands appeals to them.


UberMEs focus primarily on the fulfillment of their own needs and on their egos. Typically residing in a metropolis, this consumer has a tendency to be sophisticated and single, with a high disposable income. They are particular about their product choices but demonstrate no brand loyalty—often moving onto the next trend before the rest of the population. Obsessive about research, this type will go to any lengths necessary to obtain information and pay any price for it.

UberMEs are the most difficult consumers to market goods and services to because of their constant search for the next new thing. However, technology does not scare them. To effectively market to an UberME, select products and services with proven, visible results, and emphasize the words “hot,” “new” and “trend.” This group believes that spa-going is for pleasure and pampering, and its members often will indulge in a wide range of treatments, as well as test new products and menu items


WeRfamily consumers are the most brand-loyal and consistent retail shoppers. This is because speed and efficiency are the most important elements in managing their hectic daily lives. Loyalty results when a product works, has quality-driven values and is available consistently. These consumers are infrequent spa-goers who view spas as a respite and an experience that is a special treat.

They prefer buying products and treatments in a series or package, which gives them the perception that they are saving in the long run and benefiting from more than one experience. Cost is a concern to some of them, and, for many of these spa-goers, they consider the service to be an indulgence and buying products to be an overindulgence. WeRfamily consumers are open to suggestions from spa team members, and providing them with samples that include supporting information usually will lead to future sales.