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Market Shares Shifting for Private Label Products

Posted: June 10, 2008

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However, despite the size of the market share still being relatively small, Nicholson says she believes the most recent market gains are significant.

Market gains caused by tough conditions--This is particularly true in view of the stagnant nature of the personal care market in recent years, suggesting that because any market gains are coming in the face of extremely challenging conditions means they are significant. "Given the broad-based price increases that our companies continue to announce, coupled with higher gas and food prices, we generally worry about the health of our categories in the United States,"  Nicholson said in the research report. "As such, we continue to prefer those companies with the most significant exposure internationally, in particular to emerging markets, such as Avon, or those companies for whom the threat from private label competition continues to be very small, such as Estée Lauder.", June 5, 2008