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Cash In With E-Commerce

By: Mary Blackmon
Posted: June 9, 2008, from the December 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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• Administration tools should help you save time and effort when organizing products, product options, product categories, images, orders and customers. Make sure that it is easy enough to use.

• Do your research on processing companies that work with credit card transactions because they represent another essential aspect of the business. Some are terrific, but others can be taxing.

Read the fine print

My advice? Always read the fine print and see what hidden fees you will be charged monthly. In my experience, even when the company representative told me there were no hidden charges, they indeed were there. So while you’re asking about them, find out the terms of the contract and how you can get out of it, just in case.

Put your clients at ease with a secure processing system. There will be a 2–4% fee for online transactions, depending upon the credit card’s actual fee, and this is normal—it simply is because you don’t have the card “in hand.” Make sure that you do not store clients’ credit card information after they make a purchase. If your Web site were to be hacked into, all the credit card information could get stolen.

Ask the serious questions

What if things do go awry with your new e-commerce store, and this supposedly excellent addition to your site becomes less than perfect? This is when tech support makes the biggest difference in the outcome, as well as to your sanity. Are you going to panic, alienate an outraged client, lose an order and deal with chaos for hours, if not days? No way—because you did your due diligence beforehand.