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Cashing in This Holiday Season

By: Aaron Sonnenschein
Posted: July 27, 2012, from the August 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Closed-door shopping night: everyone else. Friends, mothers, sisters, in-laws, children—a closed-door shopping night just for them with an added touch of holiday baking ideas. Again, tap into a restaurant or bakery for a free demo and food. It will be glad to provide the service in exchange for the opportunity of handing out their menus and coupons. This is the night when you want all staff on board to meet potential new clients. A great way to do this would be to create a game. All staff members should be wearing name tags. Hand out a holiday card at the door with the names of key staff members on each reindeer or snowman on the card. Ask that each shopper please fill out the back of the card with all of their contact information, including e-mail address. Now you have captured all of their contact data. Explain to your clients that they have to find each staff member who will validate their name on the front of the card. When they find everyone, they can bring the card back to the reception desk, and it will be entered to win certain prizes. Have team members prepared to describe their services and offer a special if the client books that evening. You can even offer new clients additional chances in the drawing for every service that they book. Make sales, book treatments, get new clients ... sounds like a fun night for everyone.

3. Closed-door community outreach event

Pick a worthy cause, then partner with that group to have its meeting at your spa. Part of the activity of the night could be to have professional demos on skin care, nail care or makeup treatments. That night, a portion of any services booked or any retail sales will be donated to the charitable organization. This is a great way for that group to raise money while their members enjoy a fun night. You might want to even contact the media if you feel your donations will be newsworthy.

Gift certificates

One last thing that you absolutely cannot forget about for added profits during the holidays are gift certificates. Great gift certificate sales in November and December can carry you through the slower months of January and February, as they are being redeemed, yet most spas do not put a lot of thought into this product category. First, find out how many certificates you sold during each of the past three or four years. Has the number increased? You should be targeting these sales to grow as much as possible every year. Next, take the number of certificates you sold last year and set a target of growth for this current holiday season. Now, set up a promotion for gift certificates that will run in every one of your event fliers and literature to motivate your clients to purchase the maximum amount. Following are some ideas to help increase your gift certificate sales.

Offer a free service with the purchase of a $100 gift certificate, and promote a service that you want to build up. For example: “Purchase a $100 gift certificate, and receive a free 20-minute mini facial.”

Offer a gift with the purchase of a $100 gift certificate during the year. If you have earned any gift-with-purchases from suppliers that you have not used, bundle them and wrap them as a gift, pricing it at regular retail value. So for example, if you earned extra body lotions on a promotion worth $25, the special would be: “Purchase a $100 Gift Certificate and receive a $25 body lotion for free.” Even if you purchased something on special, list the regular retail price as the value of the gift. The client will be impressed with the free gift, but your cost will be so much less to promote that certificate.

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