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Cashing in This Holiday Season

By: Aaron Sonnenschein
Posted: July 27, 2012, from the August 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Because many clients like to start early to spread their dollars over a longer period of time, why not get some of those dollars? Pull everything out that was left over from last year; put specials on all of the current retail items on the shelf; get an early shipment of everything your vendors already have received for the holidays; and pull out the red crinkle ribbon. Choose a three-hour time slot during an evening you know most clients have free, and then send an e-mail blast announcing amazing limited-time bargains. Place announcements throughout the skin care facility and mail holiday cards to your top 100 clients announcing the sale.

A few hours before the event, lock the doors and get ready. Put a team member in charge of decorating the retail area for the holidays, and a few other employees to post sale signs and place product on tables and shelves. If you have done correct planning and your literature was designed to entice your clients, get ready to hear your cash register ring. Immediately after the event, take everything down and put it away until mid-November. After your first year, if the sale is spectacular, clients will be waiting for this annual event for years to come.

Want to make the event even bigger? Partner with a restaurant in the area and ask it to teach preparation of quick holiday hors d’oeuvres. The restaurant should be willing to provide the food and a chef at no charge in exchange for the opportunity of handing out their menus and coupons promoting their business. Make sure you highlight this activity in all of your promotional literature.

Create a holiday wish list

This is a fun idea that can net a huge spike in sales and many new clients for the skin care facility. Starting at the end of October, ask clients to fill out their holiday wish lists. (See Client Holiday Wish List.) Now is the time to start putting the wheels in motion for two amazing, profit-producing events in November and December. Call a major staff meeting during which you explain all of your plans, and then ask for volunteers to handle key components of decorating, advertising/e-mail blasts, set up and tear down. Delegate and make your staff accountable for their jobs, because your success is their success, and the following events should result in new clients.

Closed-door shopping night: men only. Pick a date for an evening event and e-mail all of the men mentioned in your clients’ holiday wish lists. (See Example: Men Only E-mail Blast.) This can be an amazing, profitable event. What man would not show up if you told him you knew exactly what his significant other wanted for the holidays, and it’s available for purchase, will be wrapped and, while he is waiting, he’ll be fed pizza and beer?