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Show and Sell

By: Patti Biro
Posted: March 30, 2012, from the April 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Ingredients and effectiveness. If you carry products that feature a specific ingredient, such as salt, coffee, cocoa or herbs, use those elements to create an interesting display. Clients often wonder why a specific ingredient is used in a treatment or product, and this is an opportunity to share the history, uses and benefits of both the ingredient and the product line. I recently created an interactive display featuring hand and body products with grape-derived ingredients. To tell the story of the benefits of these products, I used wine bottles, corks, artificial grapes in various colors and wine glasses to accent the colors used in the products. Shelf-talkers shared information on the benefits of wine, and the history of grape-based products for wellness and beauty. Bottom line: Sales of the featured products increased by 30% in one week.

Shine a light on it. To feature a new product, brand or special promotional offer, add lighting elements to make it stand out. Many spas tend to have subdued lighting, but a product can be highlighted by adding flameless candles to an area or a small spotlight without ruining the ambiance.

Try me = buy me. Testers are an important element in an effective display, and increase the likelihood that clients will spend more time in the retail area and will purchase an item. Be sure to keep testers clean and provide sampling supplies so that individuals do not cross-contaminate the testers.

Don’t miss the opportunity to boost sales by creating a retail message and turning browsers into buyers.