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Survey of Success of Beauty, Wellness Careers Conducted by AACS

Posted: December 8, 2009

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As a supplement to the investigator and influencer research, AACS also asked individuals who had trained or worked in the beauty and wellness industry to share their perceptions about beauty and wellness careers. Beauty veterans tended to have some of the same concerns typically expressed by other independent contractors and entrepreneurs with regards to health and retirement benefits. However, they also valued the field for its opportunity to help others, be creative and the entrepreneurial opportunities it provides.

Continuing education was important to beauty veterans. More than one-third of beauty veteran respondent—36%—indicated that they had taken an advanced beauty school program, and 62% indicated they had some level of interest in advanced training for beauty and wellness professionals.


While beauty and wellness is not the leading career choice for investigators, it is perceived as a strong career path for individuals interested in helping and working with others, being creative and having an entrepreneurial drive. Despite the positive attributes associated with careers in beauty, the field is perceived as having some areas of deficiency, primarily related to predictable income and security.

Research indicates that it is possible to improve attitudes toward careers in beauty and wellness by exposing individuals to facts regarding career benefits. Cosmetology schools, salons and businesses vested in the beauty and wellness industry have an opportunity to educate prospective students and the public in general about the rewards and opportunities careers in beauty represent. "Our industry's potential has been a secret for too long. We're excited to be engaging in initiatives that will position beauty as a premier career of choice," said Lynch.