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Survey of Success of Beauty, Wellness Careers Conducted by AACS

Posted: December 8, 2009

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Although generally supportive of careers in beauty and wellness, influencers including parents and guidance counselors, expressed a strong desire for information and data to support beauty and wellness as a career choice. Additionally, these individuals tended to be more concerned about the amount of time and cost of entry required for various career paths. "The survey revealed that influencers are considering the return on investment careers in beauty and wellness provide," noted Cox, adding that member schools can use the short time to licensure as strength when prospective students are comparing various careers.

How does beauty and wellness compare to other career paths?

When investigators and influencers were asked to rate various career fields, beauty and wellness performed competitively with careers in information technology, graphic design and culinary arts, but significantly lower than health care. Beauty and wellness careers' perceived strengths compared to other fields surveyed included creativity, flexible scheduling, working with others and entrepreneurship. Perceived weaknesses included income potential, health insurance and retirement benefits. "Factors where beauty scored particularly well, such as creative expression, indicate that cosmetology may be a draw for students considering other career paths such as graphic design," said Cox.

The survey also asked respondents to indicate how "believable" they found several statements regarding careers in beauty and wellness. Statements focused on income potential, job availability, entrepreneurial opportunities and skills that last a lifetime, among others. After indicating how strongly they believed each statement, respondents were provided with claim statements supporting careers in beauty. Among both investigators and influencers, the claim statements had a positive impact on respondents' perceptions, particularly among the influencers. "The survey findings indicate that people can begin to change their perceptions about careers in beauty and wellness, but that it's important to provide them with facts," said Lynelle Lynch, president of Bellus Academy and a director with AACS.

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