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Inclusive Health

By: Howard Murad, MD
Posted: June 2, 2009, from the June 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Similarly in Russia clients undergo a medical evaluation and receive prescriptions if needed, as well as a treatment schedule of walks and massages for relaxation and health benefits. However, during an average three-week stay at a Russian spa, days are still structured around meals and mineral waters, be it drinking them or bathing in them.5

In Italy, where spa visits date back to ancient Rome, today’s services have evolved with the inclusive approach. Interestingly, the fastest-growing area in Italian spas is anti-aging and cosmetic procedures.6 A spa stay may include a guest evaluation that focuses on biological age, and everything from health history to emotional countenance, stress levels, memory, skin and body composition and flexibility. A team of experts then outlines a list of mind and body health services, in addition to external treatments including microdermabrasion, massage, filler injections, mud therapy and bathing with vegetable, mineral or marine extracts.

Total care

Like the overseas spa industries, the face of the U.S. spa market is continually changing. A look back offers a glimpse of just how much. Holistic practices are not dead. Along with countless other therapies and methods, they have simply been reborn as inclusive health care, a revolutionary strategy that will ultimately help make people as healthy as possible, both inside and out. Inclusive health care can foster wellness, encourage skin health and thwart aging on every front—externally, internally and emotionally. In this new era of the skin and spa industry, health and beauty in the United States have become synonymous. Taking notes from the industry’s successes, it’s ironic that spas overseas—from which professionals derive their foundation—are now looking to America for the next thing: spa protocols to treat the mind, skin, body and spirit—inclusively.


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