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The Making of an Esthetician

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: April 29, 2009, from the May 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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In the post “I’m Scared and Overwhelmed and Need Advice,” Sandra details her concerns about not having a spa job when she was about to graduate. At the time, she was feeling completely overwhelmed, and Linda said, “Honey, don’t be afraid. I know getting out of school is a big change.” Sandra says, “It made me feel better knowing that other people could relate to what I was going through. Most of the comments said to continue my education and seek out other sources of information, such as trade shows and business-to-business magazines.”

One of Sandra’s posts, “How Do I Get Started After School,” brought about comments that helped her approach the daunting challenge of finding her first spa job. Patricia said to keep an open mind, and Laura advised her to keep her options open. Sandra says, “I received great advice. I didn’t know if I wanted to rent space and wasn’t sure how to even get started. I am currently following Laura’s advice and keeping my options open.”

A new career

Both Colleen and Sandra are forging ahead with their new careers in the spa field and feel the advice they received through the blog has been instrumental in their success. “I was given realistic advice and was told what a wonderful career path I was choosing. Everyone really seemed to love what they do and that made me so excited to begin,” explains Sandra. “I couldn’t believe all these people—who I didn’t even know and who didn’t know me—were reaching out to help me.”

Colleen agrees, saying, “It was such a great experience being able to post my concerns, questions and real-life situations on this blog because the feedback I received was so real and from professionals who have already been through all of these things that I was unsure about. Writing entries for the blog and getting comments from the pros has definitely helped me in my esthetics career now.”

The experience Colleen and Sandra had through the blog is just a magnified example of one of the things that makes the spa industry such a special area in which to work. The level of support and care that is imparted to clients and co-workers alike is unmatched in any other career, and in times like these, support and care are more important than ever.