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A Small Investment = Big Returns

By: Sandy Chapin
Posted: January 30, 2009, from the February 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

This can be a narrow-minded way of thinking, especially for small-business owners who want to remain competitive within the marketplace.

Instead, when resources are under scrutiny, look at it as a golden opportunity to analyze your strategies. How? Register to attend the 2009 America’s Expo for Skin Care & Spa®, where you have the opportunity to meet with numerous spa supplier companies, network with the industry’s top professionals and obtain leading-edge education—all within a relatively short amount of time and not a lot of financial investment. By staying on top of your game during the down economy, you can help your business remain steady and position it to leap forward when times improve, and America’s Expo offers a range of options to help you do just that.

Attendance advantages

What is the best way to use the expo’s opportunities to your advantage? One way is to put your purchasing power to good use. If suppliers and manufacturers know you have money to spend with them, they are more likely to help you out if they’ve met you in person and have discussed your spa’s needs with you. This conference and expo event allows you the opportunity to talk with a number of the industry’s top companies to help you make that connection.

Being there in person can also help you scour the expo floor for the best deals. Of course, the floor can easily be overwhelming, so its often a good idea to download the layout beforehand and map out a route in order to ensure that you see everyone you want to see. Conveniently, the floor layout for America’s Expo 2009, as well as other important show information, can be found by logging on to

Attending the expo and conference can expose you the latest trends and technologies within the marketplace, as well. Learn firsthand what’s new, take advantage of hands-on demonstrations and attend conference education sessions that are led by some of the industry’s biggest names sharing some of their best-kept secrets. This information can be invaluable during a down economy, as many of the conference speakers have experienced these conditions before and can share their own solutions with attendees. Additionally, you can obtain free manufacturer education directly from spa suppliers, learning about new products, formulations, ingredients and treatments directly from the creators and formulators themselves.

Event strategies