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Landing Your Dream Job

By: Steven H. Dayan, MD and Terri Wojak
Posted: January 7, 2009, from the January 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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The overall appearance of your résumé should be clean and consistent. Pictures, scented paper or bright colors are not appropriate because it is important that you come across as a professional. Your name, e-mail address, phone number and physical address should be at the very top—be sure to use a professional e-mail, not something like

A two-to-three sentence professional summary that states your skills and what you can bring to the table should be placed after the contact information. If you are looking for a job in the medical field, ensure that anything that shows medical education or experience is highlighted.

Experience should come after the professional summary, unless you are newly graduated. List three to four jobs, and make sure you include those that most pertain to the position for which you are applying. Jobs should be listed in reverse-chronological order, which means the first on the list would be your current job. This would be followed by education details, such as the school you attended, year you graduated and degree you obtained, also listed in reverse-chronological order.

The interview

Once the employer reviews your résumé, an interview may be scheduled. When having an interview, it is important to look your best. Wear a suit and make sure your hair and makeup are done, but not overdone, and be prepared to answer questions.

Before you go into the interview, write down and review your assets, and why you would be a benefit to the practice or spa. The worst thing you can do is not be prepared. Most likely, the interviewers will ask about your qualities, as well as what you can offer to the business, what your experience has been and why you would be an good choice. Spend time thinking about how you would answer common interview questions, such as “Tell me a little bit about yourself?” and “Why you are a good candidate for this position?” You want to sound polished but not rehearsed.