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Recruiting Association Members

By Richard G. Ensman, Jr.
Posted: June 21, 2006, from the July 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Sure, your association conducts an annual membership campaign and provides promotional kits to those who don’t belong. But the most loyal, committed and involved members are those recruited one-on-one by other association members or, in short, by you. Don’t wait for your membership committee to undertake its next recruitment initiative. Start right now. Following is a list of strategies you can use.

      The buddy. Be a true partner to a new member by serving as a mentor for the first several years of their membership. Educate and involve the new member, and you’ll help build their commitment for life.

      The compliment. Let prospective members know that you want them to join. Praise and compliments can work wonders.

      The deal. Can’t get a seemingly interested member to join? Ask a simple question:  What will it take to get you to become a member? Then attempt to make it happen.

      The holiday. Does your association celebrate a national commemorative day? Does the national media cover your industry periodically? If the answer is yes, use one of these occasions to make contact with prospective members and extend personal invitations to join.