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Social Skills in the Workplace

Victoria L. Rayner November 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine
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There are many different relationships that can be formed in this world, but few are as important as the ones developed between those who share their workspace. The way team members relate to each other in a professional environment is vitally important because these individuals have such an impact on the overall quality of an employee’s life. If you do not relate well to those with whom you interact on a daily basis, it can cause enormous problems that can affect not only your health and emotional well-being, but also can threaten the very core of your financial security. Following is advice to help minimize friction and assist you in better understanding and relating to the people with whom you work.


If you are a career-conscious professional, you may want to investigate the meaning of the term“team-friendly.” When any relationship exists between two people, tension and opposition are very real possibilities. The reason for this is simple—each person has limitations and unique qualities and each will affect the other. Getting along with other professionals requires finesse.

In a workplace setting, the use of social skills is often called “emotional intelligence.” Today’s workforces are synergized; it is worth the trouble to practice and perfect your communication skills. Team-friendly workers know that what they say and do affects the entire workforce, and their unsuitable actions do more harm to themselves than anyone else. See Transforming Your Image for ideas on how to improve your social skills in the workplace.

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Transforming Your Image

Relating to people at the workplace can be tricky. The following recommendations should help to avert problems. You can immediately alter the dynamics of your workforce circumstances by doing the following.

  • Be thoughtful of others and practice basic business manners.
  • Maintain self-control when unexpectedly encountering the wrath of an angry co-worker.
  • Conceal frustration and don’t give in to transient emotions.
  • Ask permission from others before just assuming or taking liberties.
  • Rethink what could be interpreted by others as a strictly self-directed focus.
  • Come into work rested and refreshed instead of exhausted and irritable.
  • Don’t demand the completion of a task during the last hour of the workday.
  • Don’t exaggerate or distort the truth, or make excuses for uncompleted tasks.
  • Don’t brag about personal successes or acquisitions.
  • Listen to the feelings of others without judging them.
  • Be more aware of the signals being communicated through nonverbal gestures.
  • Use encouraging phrases to show support to peers.
  • Discard old prejudgments and beliefs about peers and begin to see them in a whole new light.

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