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Unlock the Power and Potential of Your Team

By: Lee Froschheiser
Posted: June 27, 2008

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Ideally, you want to empower others, and that’s accomplished through training, coaching, accountability and supporting employees by providing the resources and opportunities to learn from mistakes. It’s also achieved by trusting your employees and making sure their values align with those of your spa.

Most importantly, you must demonstrate empowering behavior. All too often, business owners or managers say, “Hey, I want to be empowering!” but when an employee asks for help, they just give them the answers rather than require that person to seek the solutions out on their own. Even worse, some owners and managers do the employee’s job for them, wearing what’s called the Big Red S for “Supermanager.”

If you’re doing everything yourself, it’s likely that you’re wearing this Big Red S. Shed this responsibility by getting the right people around you so you can delegate to your team, hold each member accountable and empower your staff. After all, accountability is empowerment.

Establish and maintain practices, policies and procedures

In everything you say and do, you must stay focused on practical solutions. Ask yourself what works and what doesn’t, because the answers to these basic questions will uncover the secrets to running your business effectively. They will also shed light on the six business fundamentals of leadership, mission, vision, values, strategies and goals. Ultimately, you’ll need to define, establish, implement, track and evaluate each of these core business fundamentals, and if this sounds like a massive undertaking, relax. The good news is you will not be the one doing all the work for a change.

Instead, you’ll be training and managing your team to carry out these business fundamentals along with you. Through this effective leadership approach, you’ll be able to relinquish unnecessary control and turn your attention toward developing your spa instead.

Focus on the company’s vital factors