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Unlock the Power and Potential of Your Team

By: Lee Froschheiser
Posted: June 27, 2008

As the boss or manager of your business, do you frequently feel like things are spinning out of control? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. All too often, employers find themselves struggling to keep pace with the day in, day out responsibilities of the job, yet it’s usually their ownership of these responsibilities—and fear of letting go of them—that bogs down the workplace and stifles overall success.

If letting go has been a challenge for you, then consider the following five secrets to empowering your people and becoming a better leader. Each has the ability to unlock the power and potential of your team and enables your spa to achieve the success it deserves.

Find an accountability coach

Just as you would consult an attorney on how to handle your company’s legal issues, find someone who is impartial to assess and improve upon your leadership style and hold you accountable for your success in your business affairs.

Tough as it may be to let someone else coach you on your approach and make suggestions for changing your spa, this person has one key mission: To help you achieve your full potential as a leader. Businesses that fail to see the value of an accountability coach rarely instigate crucial change on their own or take their leadership and business to a greater level of achievement.

Become an empowering leader

To become an empowering leader, you must first determine what kind of leader you are today using what’s called the empowerment pendulum. On a scale of 1 to 10, do you lean toward the control side of managing your employees (1), or is your management style more on the empowerment side (10)?