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Creating a Star Team

By: Bryan Durocher
Posted: June 18, 2008, from the July 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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The interview process should be structured and time-efficient. It is important to understand clearly the essential steps. Preparing powerful questions and demonstrating good listening skills also will be extremely beneficial during an interview conversation. Be aware of how you listen, and notice if you become distracted, as this can cause you to form opinions about candidates and their job skills. Applicants should provide clear, direct responses to all interview questions. Following is an example process that starts with recruitment and ends with hiring.

Pre-screen call. Spend five minutes on the phone with an individual, and ask about five short questions. See Key Questions to Ask for some ideas. If the person would not be an appropriate fit, thank them for their time.

In-person interview. If the pre-screen call is successful, invite the candidate to your spa for a 15-minute in-person interview. During that time, look for a well-groomed and fashionable image that fits into the culture of your spa. Job candidates should try to impress you with their presentation because up to 10 different factors are noticed in the first 10 seconds of meeting a person. Nonverbal factors include whether the person is nice or not, as well as their education and intelligence levels, and family background.

Notice nonverbal communication, such as good eye contact and open body language. Nonverbal cues make up 60% of all communication and can say more than actual words. Listen to the person’s tone and outlook. Are they coming across positively or negatively? Discuss why the applicant is seeking new employment, and ask them to elaborate on their career visions for the next five years. If the person doesn’t appear to meet your expectations, thank them for their time.

Professional references. If the candidate still shows potential, call at least three of their professional references.