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Creating a Star Team

By: Bryan Durocher
Posted: June 18, 2008, from the July 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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A common frustration for spa owners and managers is finding qualified applicants. The following include various recruiting options to try when seeking new employees.

Classified screening. Advertising should be as specific as possible and provide enough information to eliminate those individuals who are not suitable for the position, as well as entice promising candidates. In order to carefully sift through applicants, have classified respondents call into a voice mail system to leave a first-impression message. Or ask them to fax or e-mail a résumé to preview their work history and determine if there is a match with your culture and mission. Contact applicants who sound enthusiastic and professional, or who have the sought-after requirements to participate in a pre-screen call.

Internet marketing. Think of Web job sites, such as, and, as hiring tools at your disposal. The Internet can be affordable and offer a broader reach to attract star team members.

Network recruitment. Use your business contacts and clients as a starting point for finding people who are looking for a job. Talk with individuals you trust to see if they know anyone who fits the bill. Spread the word that you’re looking to fill a position.

Recruiting out of schools. One solution that many spa owners utilize is to recruit individuals right out of cosmetology or esthetic school. Contact local institutions to inform new graduates of possible job opportunities.

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