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Regaining Control of a Wandering Business

By: David Suzuki
Posted: June 11, 2008, from the November 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Many small-business owners believe that, in order to justify making an alteration, it must be a massive one. This idea is inhibiting and often halts the entire process before it even begins. It also signifies a train of thought that identifies a business as something that is still or stagnant and that can be “fixed” all at once, which is completely contradictory to successful business practices.

Running a successful spa is similar to living a healthy life. This accomplishment is not just due to one miraculous attribute; it is the synergy of the entire experience, and it happens consistently—a little bit at a time. Taking baby steps in a positive direction can be as simple as hiring a competent part-time bookkeeper, contracting a cleaning service or delegating the ownership of a task to an appropriate team member.

Those who succeed in business understand and embrace change. They have become aware of their opportunities, as well as those that are lost due to a failure to delegate. Although trying something new can be terrifying at times, one thing of which you can be certain is the outcome of your current methods. So do you take a leap of faith into the future and try something new? Or is the certainty of the outcome so important that you are willing to spiral downward with a system that you know already has run its course?

Just think of the impact that implementing a few small changes every month may have on your business, your bottom line, and, most importantly, your quality of life and peace of mind.