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Choosing the Right Spa Software Interview Transcripts

Posted: March 3, 2008, from the March 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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I think that, for most people, what comes out of the box will satisfy 95% of their needs, but most have the ability for customization if that is what the customer needs. It’s really valuable to network as much as possible with other businesses in the industry to find out what they are doing. Ask them if they had it to do over again, what would they do differently? Talk to as many people as possible to get some education.

Support is critical and you need to speak candidly with your peers, not with company referrals. You need to find out truthfully about the support. You need to have someone at the other end of that phone 24/7. If you don’t have good support you are dead in the water. You might as well not have any software.

Even though you have a wonderful computer system, things happen. I always advise to have a backup plan. Every night, we run a paper-based appointment schedule for the next day. Things happen. Make sure that you have the ability to run your business tomorrow if a disaster happens.

Bryan Durocher, president, Durocher Enterprises

The first thing is that your software program has to be able to handle your clients info and files, your point-of-sales for services and retail, and you have to make sure as you’re looking for that. If you are going to have an extensive retail selection, ask the software company how many SKUs you can have in your inventory—you don’t want to be limited.

You’re going to want that it is able to track the professional inventory you use when you are providing treatments.