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Spark Enthusiasm—Work for a Cause

By: Mohan Nair
Posted: June 29, 2012, from the July 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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1. Ignoring the new principles of business transformation.Mission and money must go hand-in-hand. If you think of making money without thinking of the greater contributions to society, you will neither attract the right people nor make money in the long run. This is because people themselves are changing. Finding meaning at work powers the 21st century employee population.

2. Driving without a cause. Many skin care facilities have mission statements; yet many employees don’t believe in them and never use them. What they need is a cause. A cause is a lasting theme; an architecture that supports the transformation of the greater environment. It has personal, rather than organizational, implications.

3. Ignoring symbolic value propositions. Clients symbolically attach to a product or a spa. They come to identify with the purpose of the product or spa, and what they represent. Organizations that are able to transfer and connect market momentum into value to clients will be very successful.

4. Overlooking transformational servant leadership.Transformational servant leadership:

  • Is based on service rather than hierarchical controls—leaders believe in something greater than themselves;
  • Doesn’t have sharply defined leaders and followers—leaders lead when it’s appropriate and follow when it’s appropriate; and
  • Involves project-centered self-leaders who partner with one another when needed.

5. Mistaking capability for strategic competency. Capabilities are what you can do for clients. Competence is the unique recipe of your capabilities, and what your facility can do better than other spas consistently. Being good at one key capability is not sufficient—unless it is nonreplicable.