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Spark Enthusiasm—Work for a Cause

By: Mohan Nair
Posted: June 29, 2012, from the July 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Every day, many skin care professionals arrive at work filled with low-level dread and resignation. The problem is that team members have nothing to believe in. When people are motivated by a cause, they’ll work without stopping and without loss of energy. Their dedication to the cause will fuel them. The problem is, too many spas aren’t animated by a cause at all—and their employees just live for the end of the week.

If your business isn’t giving team members a cause—if the organization exists solely to create revenue, in other words—they won’t be partners; they’ll be foot soldiers.

Giving employees a power source—including servant leadership, cause-focused strategies and authenticity—is crucial. That cause should spark enthusiasm in consumers and dedication in team members. It should be an inspiring ideology that is intrinsically linked to the company’s value proposition and competency.

It’s this cause—this ideology—that powers strategic business transformation. And because the world is changing so rapidly, businesses have to transform themselves over and over again in order to keep up or lead markets.

Spas that want to survive and grow must find the insight to know what their clients value and are willing to pay for continuously. Winning skin care facilities transform themselves in order to transform the clients they serve. If you’re ready to transform into an innovative, cause-driven, employee-and-client-inspiring facility, avoid the following six obstacles.