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8 Tips for Holding Team Members Accountable

By: Bob Whipple
Posted: May 31, 2012, from the June 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

The key to leadership is to create an environment in which people do the best they can because they want to do it. When team members know it is clearly in their best interest to give their maximum effort to the skin care facility, managers don’t have to crack the whip as often. Following are eight attitudes or behaviors of leaders that can foster a culture where holding people accountable is a precursor to a feeling of celebration instead of a sentence to the dungeon.

1. Be clear about your expectations. It happens every day. The boss says, “You did not file the documents correctly by client; you totally messed up.” Then, the assistant says, “You never told me to file them by client, so I used my initiative and filed them by date.” Holding people accountable when the instructions are vague is like scolding an untethered horse for wandering off the path to eat grass.

2. Be sure of your facts. If you are going to accuse someone of sloppy work, make sure it was done by that person.

3. Be timely. If there is an issue with performance versus stated expectations, bring the matter up immediately. If you wait for a couple of days before bringing up the issue, it tends to cloud and confuse the person who did not meet expectations.

4. Be kind. Always apply the Golden Rule liberally. If you had a lapse in performance, justified or not, how would you want to get the information? Keep in mind that some people are more defensive than others, so if you like your feedback straight from the shoulder, tone it down when dealing with a particularly sensitive individual.