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6 Ways to Tap Into the Power of Thanks

By: Todd Patkin
Posted: April 27, 2012, from the May 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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4. Learn to graciously accept thanks. How you respond to appreciation is as important as giving it. If you brush off compliments or ignore expressions of gratitude, you’ll eventually stop hearing “thanks” altogether, and you’ll be discouraging the person complimenting you from reaching out to others in the same way.

5. Keep the gratitude going. Thank your clients for choosing your skin care facility and for trusting your team with their skin. This is something that many clients don’t hear so, when they do, their loyalty to your company is strengthened.

6. Use gratitude to reinforce stellar performances. Using gratitude to shape your team’s habits and priorities can be every bit as valuable as training programs … at a fraction of the time and cost.

Gratitude is an amazing motivator; it strengthens team member and client loyalty, and it really can allow you to see a positive change in your spa’s bottom line.

Todd Patkin joined the family business and spent the next 18 years helping to grow it to new heights. After it was purchased by Advance Auto Parts in 2005, he was free to focus on his main passions: philanthropy and giving back to the community, spending time with family and friends, and helping more people learn how to be happy. He is the author of Finding Happiness: One Man’s Quest to Beat Depression and Anxiety and—Finally—Let the Sunshine In (StepWise Press, 2011).