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Let the Golden Rule Be Your Guide

By: Israel "Izzy" C. Kalman
Posted: March 30, 2012, from the April 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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3. Don’t you like to feel appreciated? Well, so do your employees. Appreciation is a more powerful motivator than the hope of getting a raise.

4. The No. 1 destroyer of relationships is anger. No one will like and respect you for getting angry. If you find yourself losing your temper often, you are accomplishing the opposite of what you want. You create a poisonous work environment in your skin care facility. You are letting people defeat you, and unwittingly encouraging them to do what you don’t want them to. When employees do something wrong, instead of getting angry, correct them calmly and respectfully.

5. Be forgiving. No one is perfect ... even leaders. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. When you forgive people, they feel better and so do you.

6. Treat your employees like friends ... with boundaries. Just because you are treating your team members like friends, it doesn’t mean you have to give them everything they want or let them do whatever they want. People often need to say “no” to people and to indicate firm boundaries. But you should treat them like friends when you do so—not like enemies. If you have to turn down a request, preface it with, “I wish I could,” and provide a reasonable explanation as to why you can’t. If you need to reprimand someone, make it clear that you are trying to help them do a better job. If you have to penalize someone, do it with regret, as in, “I wish we didn’t have to do this to you, but … ,” and explain why.

7. Don’t defend yourself from criticism. Other people see your faults better than you do. When defending yourself from criticism, you are treating others like enemies, and you automatically lose because the defensive position is the weaker one. Others won’t respect you and are likely to continue attacking to encourage you to defend yourself. Even if they are wrong, criticism is their attempt to help, so appreciate it. You might learn something valuable.