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How Do You Define Success?

By: Linda Seger, PhD
Posted: January 30, 2012, from the February 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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This joy not only comes from their own work, but from collaboration with other talented people who not only bring their skills to the skin care facility, but also bring harmony to the working relationship. Nobody wants to work among discord. For many, if those work relationships aren’t fulfilling and harmonious, they don’t feel good about their work, about themselves or about others.

Success and balance

Some define success by the sense of balance they have between their work lives and the rest of their lives. For them, work is not what success is about. They believe that life needs to be balanced, and that work is not meant to be the only thing in life.

If a job is driving someone— demanding all their time and giving them no balance between their work, physical exercise, time with their family and other relationships, and time for spiritual growth—then the balance is off and many would consider this is not living a successful life.

Making a difference

Ultimately, many define success by how their lives will be summed up at their funerals. Will attendees be talking about how much money the person made or perhaps even say “good riddance” to a failure of a human being? Or will they be talking about this person’s contributions and how blessed they feel to have known this person as a friend or co-worker? For most, success is ultimately defined by the good that has been contributed, and by what is remembered about someone who has finished the work. Ask yourself: Have I made a good difference?

Linda Seger, ThD, is the author of The Better Way to Win: Connecting Not Competing for Success (Xlibris, 2011), and Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success (Monarch Books, 2009). She began her business as a script consultant in 1981 and recently received a lifetime achievement award for her contributions to the film industry. Seger can be reached via e-mail at