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Lead Your Skin Care Facility Through Major Change

By: Danita Johnson Hughes, PhD
Posted: December 1, 2011, from the December 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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You have to be clear and consistent about the change, about what’s occurring, about what needs to occur, and about the vision and goals for the facility. Also, don’t just relay the message once; you have to consistently revisit it and make sure everyone is still on board. Allow people to ask questions and, if possible, to contribute to the message. Team members buy into an idea more easily if they feel they took part in shaping it.

6. Approach change proactively.

This sort of change can open your eyes to new possibilities, new customer bases, new revenue streams, and even new product and service offerings. So tackle these externally influenced changes proactively, and you’ll have the upper hand. Not only will you fare better than your competitors during the change, but you’ll also emerge as the marketplace leader. And that’s one change you definitely want to occur.

Danita Johnson Hughes, PhD, is a health care industry executive, public speaker and author of the forthcoming Turnaround. Through her work she inspires people to dream big and understand the role of personal responsibility in personal and professional success.