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A Lesson in Attitude and Performance

By: Carl Van and Veronica Dunbar
Posted: October 28, 2011, from the November 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Take off the blinders. In the flight attendant’s case, the plane probably really isn’t going to crash, so she should keep in mind that, although safety is important, most of her time deals with customer service.

Perception is everything. Although you might not believe your job is in customer service, your clients need to think that you do. If your are perceived as being polite, then people will more willingly listen to your skin care advice and recommendations, and act accordingly.

Carl Van is the president and CEO of the International Insurance Institute, as well as a professional public speaker, business course designer and international trainer. He is also the author of Attitude, Ability and the 80-20 Rule: The Making of Exceptional Performers (CreateSpace 2011). Veronica Dunbar is a consultant specializing in social media.