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A Lesson in Attitude and Performance

By: Carl Van and Veronica Dunbar
Posted: October 28, 2011, from the November 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Flying as much as Charlie does, he knows that pilots always say, “The flight attendants are here mainly for your safety, but if there is something they can do to make you feel more comfortable, please feel free to ask.” Well, this flight attendant actually believed this.

So, what is driving her performance? She knows how to be polite if she wants to be. She knows she’s a representative of the airline, and she probably has to deal with huffy customers every day. So what’s driving her poor customer-service performance? This poor woman thinks she’s in the safety business and not the customer service business. She believes her job is safety. What’s driving her poor performance? Her attitude!

And her attitude is: “I’m not here for your pleasure or comfort; I’m not even here to make sure you come back again. I’m here for your safety.” And because of that, she can be mean. She can be nasty. She can be bossy. Why? Because she’s not in the customer-service business; she’s in the safety business. And because of her attitude, she is perfectly OK with pushing customers around.

Customer service is extremely important in the skin care industry as well, and is often affected by a skin care professional’s attitude. Keep these tips in mind and consider changing the way you and your team approach your job.

Attitude drives performance. How you describe your job is just as important as the tasks you perform.