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The Secret Recipe for Success

By: Danita Johnson Hughes, PhD
Posted: April 29, 2011, from the May 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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What is your perspective? If circumstances are not exactly as you had hoped, are you tapping into your passion to turn it around or wallowing in negativity? Although external factors may not be ideal, your internal perspective can be just what you need to make it better—you just have to choose to think differently.

The journey to success is not always easy; there may be roadblocks along the way. But remember, in life everyone has choices. Your mind is a powerful tool that can work for or against you. No one else is responsible for how you choose to react to your circumstances.

You are the person with the most power to affect your life. You are the one who decides how to feel about what you are experiencing. You are the one who gets to choose differently. Do you choose success?

3. Perseverance

Don’t give up; success could be just around the corner. Keep in mind that slow and steady wins the race. If you’ve ever heard how runners train for a marathon, you know that their preparation didn’t occur easily. It takes time and baby steps to build the endurance and fitness needed to run 26.2 miles, but perseverance will make it happen.

4. Philanthropy

Successful people know that you help yourself when you invest in others. There is nothing more emotionally satisfying than when you give much and expect little in return. Being willing to support others and help them along in their journey is reflected in the attitudes and actions of most successful people.