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Hiring Practices

By: Bryan Durocher
Posted: January 28, 2011, from the February 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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When working around the issue of recruitment, the more innovative, consistent and aggressive you can be, the more likely you are going to find the right kind of team members. Hiring is a 24–7 process, and all spas should be continually accepting applications and even bringing people in for interviews, if there are not positions currently available. This helps keep employers open to the best potential employees, despite any adverse timing issues.

To encourage continual interest for applicants, have a “Join Our Team” tab on your spa’s website where people can fill out an online application. Things can change rapidly and you never know when the need for a new team member will arise, so keeping as many options as possible available to you is a smart move.

Hiring resources

Even finding the right people to interview can take immense amounts of time, so using some tried-and-true screening methods can be incredibly helpful in your search. Options such as classified screening and Internet marketing can save you countless hours across the desk from an interviewee who clearly isn’t the right fit for your business.

Classified screening. When advertising an available position via a classified ad, it should be as specific as possible in order to eliminate individuals who are not appropriate for the job. The ad also should provide enough information and details about the position, its compensation structure, benefits and other noteworthy aspects to entice the right types of candidates.

Have classified respondents call into a voice mail system and leave a message. This is their first impression for you, and you can use it as a method to weed out applicants. Another option is to have candidates fax or e-mail in their résumés so you can review their work histories and discern if there is a match between the business culture and mission your spa provides and the person applying for the position.