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Hiring Practices

Bryan Durocher February 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine
Leading Your Team spa chalkboard

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People and leadership issues are the primary time-consuming focuses of every business owner, and any person who owns or leads a business knows the facility is only as good as the people who are working within it.

Spa owners hiring out of desperation—as opposed to inspiration—will have serious challenges. Filling a position simply by installing someone as quickly as possible seldom works. It is better to hold off in the hiring process in order to find the right person. Even if this mistake has been made in the past, there is always the opportunity to turn the situation around.

In order to hire the best team members for your clients, as well as the health of your business, it is essential to clearly define the characteristics and attributes an employee must possess before becoming a part of your organization.

Essential traits

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The 15 Must-have Traits

  1. Positive attitude
  2. Desire for continuing education
  3. Self-motivated
  4. Possesses both honesty and integrity
  5. Punctual
  6. Has a well-created and -maintained résumé
  7. Shows attention to details
  8. Good appearance and image
  9. Team player
  10. Great communicator
  11. Handles conflict well
  12. Passionate about work
  13. Open to change and new experiences
  14. Looking for a career, as opposed to simply a job
  15. Reliable, maintaining consistent work habits

Characteristic Questions

Such questions can help you determine which job candidate is the best for your spa’s open position.

Positive attitude: In the past has there ever been a time when you weren’t sure about this profession? Why, and how did you overcome those thoughts?

Continuing education: What does continuing education mean to you? What have you accomplished in the past in terms of education, and what are you most proud of in this regard?

Self-motivated: How do you see your future evolving? What are you doing to progress your career?

Honesty and integrity: Describe a situation that may have compromised your honesty or integrity. How did you handle that situation?

Punctual: How did you feel the last time you had to wait for someone?

Attention to detail: What has been the best service you have ever received? Why was it the best?

Good appearance and image: How would your friends describe your style and image?

Team player: Have you ever been in a situation in which more than two or three people had to work together to achieve a certain goal? What was your role in that group? How did you feel during the process?

Great communicator: What makes you want to listen to someone intently? What skills do you possess that would have individuals listen to you?

Handles conflict well: Describe a situation in which you had to handle a conflict that was uncomfortable for you.

Passionate about work: What are the things you like best about work? What are the things about work that do not appeal to you?

Open to change: How do you feel when you walk into a grocery store and everything is moved around?

Looking for a career, as opposed to a job: What do you see your future looking like in two, five and 10 years? How will you know you have achieved what you have seen in your future?

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