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Social Media How-To’s for Spa Business Owners

Posted: July 3, 2013
Social media

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To learn more about how you can use Yelp to enhance your business, watch this clip.

Twitter. Go to Twitter and select “Sign up for Twitter.” Follow the steps for setting up your page, and begin personalizing it for your business. Unlike Facebook, Twitter does not have business pages vs. personal pages, so a simple sign up is all you need to get started. Following are a couple details about Twitter that may be of use.

  • A username, or handle as some refer to it, means using the "@" symbol in front of your name. If you want to directly speak to or support another page, use "@" when speaking to them rather than using their username alone (i.e. @Dermalinstitute vs Dermalinstitute).
  • A hashtag has the "#" symbol in front of a word (i.e. #acne). When you hashtag a word, regardless of the word or context of the tweet, it puts your tweet in a search of others that used that same word. This is useful because it can enhance visibility of your tweets.

After your page is set up you can begin following others (ahem, @Dermalinstitute), and you can begin tweeting about your business and all the wonderful treatments you have to offer! For more on Twitter, click here. Instagram. Why tell, when you can show? Instagram is a photo sharing app accessible through mobile device. Download the Instagram app, then simply click "Register” and follow the steps. Choose your username (the same you would on Twitter, using the "@" symbol), and then choose an appropriate profile picture. Begin sharing photos of your treatment space, your product line(s) or events you hosted at your treatment space. You can link your photos to your Facebook and Twitter pages as well! Get more details here.

Is that all I need?

Not quite. Don’t forget that a website is always recommended, and it helps to maintain a blog through your website as well. And don’t forget YouTube! YouTube is now the world’s 2nd largest search engine, so once you adjust to life in the social media world, start creating videos of your treatment space, your treatments, your product lineup and your events, and show the world what you’ve got! All stats and more can be found in the clip below: Social Media Video 2013.