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Shelf-talkers—The Silent Salespeople

By: Patti Biro
Posted: January 2, 2013, from the January 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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To inspire. You probably have a good idea what skin issues are most common with your clientele. Your shelf-talker can help you inspire your clients to purchase products that meet their needs. Is time an issue? Consider using a shelf-talker that states: “In 10 minutes a day, you can begin to erase those dark spots.” The job of the shelf-talker in this instance is to not only attract the attention of the client, but also to address a problem or need, and provide a product-based solution.

To educate. With the wide range of product ingredients, your clients may feel overwhelmed with trying to determine the best ones for their skin. Use your shelf-talkers to highlight a professional product ingredient and share a benefit, the history or uses of that ingredient. You might highlight a specific ingredient, such as green tea. Combine your shelf-talker with a display of the product, some green tea leaves and serve them some green tea in an elegant cup and you are on your way to increasing sales through education.

A dose of humor

Now that you have decided which type of shelf-talker to create for your products, consider adding a dash of humor. Getting a chuckle from your clients will make them remember the product and the message. Do you have a pumpkin enzyme facial? You might use a display of pumpkins, pumpkin pie mix and the message: “Pumpkin—it’s not just for pie anymore.” You might include product samples and a take-home card to remind clients about the benefits of pumpkin.

Also, don’t let your shelf-talkers get stale. Displays and shelf-talkers shsould be changed monthly.

Remember: A shelf-talker can do so much more than just share the price of your retail products.