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Part II: Technology in Your Spa—A Survival Guide for Today's Social World

Stephanie Jennings April 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine
Social and mobile marketing trends have revolutionized how consumers expect to interact with businesses.

Social and mobile marketing trends have revolutionized how consumers expect to interact with businesses.

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Part I of this article, which appeared in the March 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine, discussed the topics of online discounting, search engines, going mobile, online directories and review sites, and the importance of monitoring your skin care facility’s online presence. Part II of this article includes additional tips, tricks and strategies about how best to build and maintain your website, as well as your social media presence, to better support the success of your business.

Your facility’s website

Consumers may discover your business via other sources, but those sources are likely to send them straight to your website for more information. One of the most important things you can do to convert interested browsers into actual clients—especially those who search using mobile rather than desktop—is to make sure your website doesn’t drive them away with a clunky, dated design that’s impossible to navigate on a mobile device. Be sure to take a look at your website on a smartphone and tablet. If you need to zoom and scan continuously to read everything, it’s time for a content overhaul. Streamline your home page and make sure your navigation is simple, easy and visible. Only include images that enhance, not frustrate, the user’s experience. All too often businesses feel the need to post all of their information on the home page. This just overwhelms visitors and discourages them from exploring your site further.

On the other hand, your website needs to do more than just provide contact info. It must serve as a hub connecting all of your other online channels together which, as a whole, create your online presence. Some signs that your website is an online paperweight instead of a dynamic information hub include the following.

  • Google Analytics is showing little traffic to and from your website, and even less traffic within your site (page views).
  • No one is referencing your website when they call to book your services.
  • No one is booking services through your website—or you don’t offer online booking options.
  • Clients are calling to ask for directions or special offers, rather than visiting your website.
  • Your social media sites do not link back to your website and vice versa.
  • You don’t include any calls to action on your home page that link visitors to your newsletter, social media sites, introductory offers, online store or online booking.

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Test Your Facility's Online Presence

Each “Yes” = 1 point

Y/N Do you know what people are saying
about you online?

Y/N Are your tweets inspiring and engaging?

Y/N Have you made the most of your Facebook Timeline?

Y/N Is your YouTube page unique?

Y/N Have you used Pinterest for your skin care facility?

Y/N Can your clients book appointments online?

Y/N Is your website more than an online paperweight?

Y/N Can you access your data when you’re away
from the spa?

Online Pro (6+ points). You’ve got the social touch! You’re as attentive to your online presence as you are to your clients.

Testing the Waters (3–5 points). You’ve dipped your toes into online, but your skin care facility probably isn’t in all the places it could be. Nourish your online presence a bit more to appeal to a wider range of clientele.

Nostalgic (0–2 points). Although your clients appreciate the time-tested one-on-one approach, you could and should be building that relationship and reaching new clients by taking the same approach online. It’s not too late to catch up!

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