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Part 1: Technology in Your Spa—A Survival Guide for Today's Social World

By: Stephanie Jennings
Posted: February 28, 2013, from the March 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
technology in the professional skin care facility

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The leading search engine that most of your future clients use is Google. When people talk about search engine optimization (SEO), they’re not talking about just any search engine; they’re talking about Google. After all, people always say “Google it!”

Subscription-based sites usually don’t make much financial sense for single-service providers, and small skin care businesses. One site worth considering, however, is Crazy Egg ( It’s a relatively inexpensive service that illustrates visually where visitors are clicking on any given Web page. Crazy Egg combined with Google Analytics will give you a complete picture of what content is most appealing to clients, as well as who is visiting your site and how they are finding you. Skin care facilities also can use one of these services in combination with more expensive paid services to monitor website performance.

Review your analytics at least once a month, first to establish a baseline analysis of the health of your site, then monthly to determine what marketing efforts and content are influencing traffic and purchasing decisions—and adjust your offers and content accordingly.

Going mobile

If your clients aren’t already accessing your website or appointment-booking platform via mobile, they soon will be. The Pew Research Center reports that 50% of all U.S. adults own a tablet or smartphone. To remain relevant to this mobile clientele, your online presence needs to work on a mobile platform. Google Analytics will give you an idea of your current mobile traffic by showing you how many people already visit your website using mobile devices. To catch up and keep up with this growing demand, upgrade your online presence to work just as well on-the-go.

Online directories and review sites

Consumers also search for services via online directory sites or specific “finder” mobile apps. To ensure that your business is listed, visit the directory’s or app’s website. There will likely be a section detailing how to add your business.