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Bringing Humanitarian Efforts to the Spa

By: Jeannette and Randy Kravitz
Posted: June 28, 2010, from the July 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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The first order of business is to not only choose a cause or charity that reflects the interest and belief system supported by your spa, but also one that is noncontroversial that can foster a broad range of appeal. The benefit of a collaboration with a cause or charity is that it will help brand the business, whether that collaboration is passive or active. The more active the relationship, the more effective it becomes as a marketing tool for a business.

One of the most effective ways to actively market a cause is through monthly or bimonthly events in your spa. It is very important that they are fun, interesting and educational experiences. See All About Events. Consistently hosting these types of events will help build a loyal following and show tangible results for your efforts. Consider the following elements before offering your charitable event series.

  • Carefully choose a category that your business should be associated with and that has broad appeal, such as women and children’s issues in the community.
  • Research charitable organizations within the cause making sure they are well-run and have solid reputations. It’s best to find organizations that are smaller and more accessible, because businesses that align with large, recognizable national charities often do not provide direct and consistent access or local impact.
  • Also, make sure to plan events for different audiences, such as business networking, wine tastings, blogger events and book reviews. The more varied the audience, the wider reach the word-of-mouth referral marketing will have.

Become a brand

Supporting a socially responsible cause will provide ample reasons for potential clients to notice you instead of your competition. It will further validate why your current clients come to you, and will promote loyalty and pride among your team members. The opportunity today for a spa to become a uniquely recognizable brand in the local community is greater than ever before. The economic troubles of the last decade have given way to a new type of consumer, and this consumer is looking to have a relationship and dialogue with businesses that offer integrity, authenticity and consistency in operating to the principles of a triple bottom line.