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Marketing: A Top 10 List

By: Carol and Rob Trow
Posted: December 31, 2009, from the January 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

People have always been drawn to simple solutions and lists as a source of information and advice. Research has shown attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and even public television’s premier educational program Sesame Street is based on providing snippets of information with fast-changing topics and images to hold a child’s attention and increase retention. The same is true today for adults.

Simply put, marketing is a series of activities that communicates information about a product or service to attract the attention of a target audience and translate that interest into a sale. A marketing plan organizes these activities in a coordinated manner, with each initiative building on the last to create a comprehensive strategy.

To help build the best marketing plan for your spa, keep these facts in mind, as well as the fact that any marketing effort should be directed toward both current and prospective clients. Remember, it is more cost-effective to keep and grow your current base than to attract new customers.

Now is the time

Society today is primed and ready for professional skin care products and services. A recent survey by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons found that, for adults 18 and older, two-thirds favored cosmetic surgery, an 8% increase above last year’s results. The approval of cosmetic procedures is growing across all age groups. Also, the demand for anti-aging products and services is expected to grow at 11.3% annually, despite current economic conditions. And the market size for anti-aging products alone—excluding services—is now $5.8 billion. It is expected to eclipse $11 billion by 2012.

To best take advantage of this growing market, a significant component of your business plan should include a comprehensive approach to marketing your services and product offerings. The following marketing initiatives focus on proven techniques and activities that work. Know that there is not a simple, perfect top 10 marketing initiatives list. These strategies are meant as a catalyst to stir the pot and get you thinking about you, your business, your team members and how to enhance each of these components.