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Marketing a Clean Spa

By: Janet McCormick
Posted: June 1, 2009, from the June 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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The information can also be e-mailed to a client list, stating something to the effect of, “Your safety is important to us at XYZ spa.” Spa personnel should supply the brochure and insert to clients and provide a short explanation, such as, “We’ve become aware of the changes out there in the world, so we have decided, for your protection, that we must step up our infection control. We care about you and want to protect you in every way we can. Please take a look at the explanation in the brochure so you will know the changes we’ve made.”

Small, tasteful signs should also be placed around the spa about the policy and at the front desk. This will result in positive curiosity, then clients will begin discussing it with their friends who have seen the media stories and will be pleased to brag about how “My spa is stepping it up. Has yours? If not, you need to come to mine.” Also, you will be surprised how many facial, hair and massage clients not getting pedicures will begin making appointments.

External marketing. The external marketing of the focus on sanitation can be simple, such as placing in every ad a brief statement that reads, “We focus on your safety,” or, “We sterilize.” Your Web site can include a short page with your safety policies, focusing on a “We care” theme. A small, transparent statement placed eye-level above the handle on the front door of the business is also a good practice. It’s believed that a person must see something seven times during a short period of time to remember it. That means any new marketing must be staccato though subtle. Once is not enough.

Answer it loudly

Clients are becoming more knowledgeable and, therefore, are becoming more choosey about where they experience their spa services. Many are turned off due to what they have heard about the unsanitary conditions of some nail salons and spas in general. Marketing to this concern can turn a negative into a positive; attack it head on and answer it loudly, and you will reap the benefits with new clients and more business.