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Study Shows Cause Marketing Boosts Sales

Posted: October 3, 2008

The 2008 Cone Cause Evolution Study found that 79% of those surveyed said they would change to a brand that was associated with a good cause, such as a charity or a public awareness campaign.

Estée Lauder has been associated with the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign for 15 years now, a campaign that has grown to the point where it is estimated to touch millions of people in more than 50 countries every year.

Cause campaigns boost sales

The Cone/Duke University survey points to the fact that campaigns like this can help to generate millions of dollars in extra revenue because it helps to foster a positive image of the company in the minds of the consumer.

But the survey also reveals that the formula for cause marketing is by no means straight forward. Illustrating this is the fact that a separate behavioral study conducted by the Duke University this year showed that 84% of respondents would like to be able to choose which cause that any proceeds might be donated to, while 83% said the chosen cause should be personally relevant to them.