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The Three P's of TV Success

By: LeGrande Green
Posted: July 22, 2008, from the March 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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2. Hand out media clips at trade shows, conferences, seminars and networking events as part of your event packet.

3. Print out all media clips, and maintain them in a media file so they can be copied and sent at a moment’s notice.

Persistence pays off

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just wave a magic wand—and poof—you’re on TV? Though it doesn’t quite work that way, don’t get frustrated. Be persistent. Effective publicity takes time. Follow up on everything and every lead. Without persistence, your story might not be told. The rule of seven states that it takes seven attempts to get a “yes” answer. Don’t give up though. Producers do need to be gently prodded over and over again so they know your project or pitch is still valid and very much alive.

Some say there are no guarantees in the real world, but, in TV, there is one major guaranteed secret to success. Whether you like it or not, you live in a world of sound bites. According to, “the sound bite should tell people (1) who the creator is, (2) what he or she does, and (3) why the work is of interest (the meaningful difference)—in less than 30 seconds (eventually, when it is time for television or radio, one will have to cut it to 15 seconds).” And remember that you need to be able to articulately explain the essence of your hook in those 30 seconds. For television’s purposes, you could be the best expert in the world, but unless you’re able to express your ideas clearly and engagingly, you surely won’t make a good TV guest.

Make sure to expand your horizons as you look around, as well. Most broadcast stations are required to provide a certain amount of their broadcast time for community affairs, most commonly in the format of Public Service Announcements (PSA). Often you can get coverage for your business by aligning yourself with a worthy cause, sponsoring an event or relating your business with news that is happening. With the explosion of cable and its myriad of channels, the opportunities for PSAs have exponentially increased. Put your thinking cap on and see what alliances or partnerships you can foster in your community that will pay off in big publicity dividends.