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Simplifying Online Advertising Options

By: Mary Blackmon
Posted: June 24, 2008, from the February 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Getting on more than one is important, because no one directory will attract everyone. Make sure that you are in an environment that is reputable and will draw the type of client that you want. Directories typically are not as expensive as a magazine or newspaper ad, and are much more targeted to people seeking what your particular type of business offers, resulting in an efficient way to spend your ad dollars.

Hint: Select a listing type that showcases an image. The Internet is a visual medium, and people like to look at the pictures. So don’t skimp—purchase the listing that offers at least one picture. Two is better!

Hint: Tracking does get tricky. Have your front desk personnel ask where your clients found out about you online. “On your Web site” isn’t specific enough. The Internet is fluid, and people can surf from one place to another with the click of a mouse. They may forget exactly where they found your spa. Tracking from online sources definitely has its issues, due to the fact that it’s so fast.

Hint: Did you know that the more places you’re listed, the better your search result rankings will be? That’s right—it will make your Web site appear more important, resulting in a better ranking. The bigger and better the site on which you are listed, the higher you will appear.

Targeted content marketing. This offers you banner ads, tile ads and other kinds of ads available on a Web site. A banner ad resembles a banner and usually is placed at the top or on the side of a Web page, spanning a large amount of width or length. A tile ad resembles a tile or button, offering a small square of information about your business. These either are rotating or fixed ad placements showcasing your spa. Consider a local Web site for this purpose—a regional magazine’s Web site or a listing of city favorites. Get an ad that is animated and rotates in order to generate more attention. Place it where you think your clients visit often.