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Save a Tree With E-newsletters

By: Mary Blackmon
Posted: June 16, 2008, from the August 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Tip: Limit sending your e-newsletter to once or twice a month.

Third: evaluating content

What message is so important that you feel compelled to contact your clientele? What is its value to the recipients? Simply proclaiming how great your spa is may not be enough. Can you share information that is newsworthy, educational or of particular value? You can separate your e-newsletter into many content sections, but make sure that each one is useful from your clients’ perspective—not your own.

Tip: Content ideas include offering a treatment showcase, an educational section,a call to action with a limited time period—such as a special offer or savings, a third-party testimonial or press coverage, a personal note from you, or a product or equipment showcase detailing the results that are valuable to your clients. Also remember that pictures are wortha thousand words.


Many companies are available that offer templates for e-newsletters. Whether you want a design that is predetermined or prefer to create one that is unique, it is crucial that you choose the perfect one to represent your spa’s own look and feel. A variety of templates is available to serve your individual style and design, whether it is warm and fuzzy or more clinical.

Tip: Work with your Web site’s graphics designer on selecting a great program that will reflect your spa’s atmosphere.

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