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Good Hands: Stepping Up for Success

By Annet King
Posted: May 23, 2008, from the July 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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And, as always, the all-purpose golden rule applies here: Continuing education plays an essential role in keeping your practice vibrant. While you need to continue to seek out classes that explore new skin care techniques, you now also must devote equal or greater attention to business classes, especially those that deal with marketing.

Something as simple as the layout of your floor plan or the way the merchandise is arranged on the shelves will have a huge impact upon your traffic and sales. Is your best-selling inventory placed at eye-level or just below? Can shoppers easily find their way to the “money shot,” which is the cash register, where they can make a purchase, or is the path to the sale cluttered with desperate point-of-purchase displays that distract from the transaction? Do you know where your retailing “hot spot” is?

No doubt, there is more not only to retailing but also to overall marketing than you imagined, and the smartest business decision you can make at this point in your practice is to dedicate some time and education dollars to learning more about business itself.

Now, in the spirit of marketing and salesmanship, a special two-for-one offer, good today only, absolutely free and at no additional cost to you, here’s the second golden rule for a growing practice.

Keeping clients

Golden rule number two for building up a growing practice is that retaining current clients is as important as attracting new clients, so they must be cemented into your appointment book.