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Good Hands: Stepping Up for Success

By Annet King
Posted: May 23, 2008, from the July 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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This must change. The key challenge you face in the midst of a growing practice is learning how to see virtually everyone you meet as a potential client, and becoming comfortable in approaching that person with this in mind is a powerful and necessary process. You’ll do it mostly by simply talking to the people you meet. Public relations and advertising may also be utilized once you’ve got the viral marketing in motion.

The need for intelligent self-promotion has never been more essential. The fact is the skin care marketplace now is brutally competitive, even more so than was the case a mere five years ago. In order for your practice to thrive, you must go beyond your own technical expertise and begin selling.

Today’s clients have access to an array of medical spa services that deliver visible changes literally overnight. Your clients can also easily purchase professional-strength products over the Internet or at beauty emporiums. The point of difference in your spa is you, so you must offer clients something they can’t get elsewhere.

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Golden rule number one for a growing practice is to expand your business by actively offering your own unique mix of targeted specialties. Clearly verbalize what you have to offer, and seek out opportunities to offer it. Yes, that means always having your business card ready, and making sure your current clients have a few cards to give to friends.

Your USP—Unique Selling Proposition, or what makes you special and different from every other skin therapist out there, discussed in the Good Hands column “Beginner’s Mind, Winner’s Attitude—You’re Hired!” in the April 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine—is the key to marketing yourself to prospective clients. Train yourself to mention your specialties when you meet new people. These specialties should include things such as unique massage techniques or the use of galvanic current, high frequency, microcurrent and ultrasonic treatments—services that the client cannot possibly replicate at home. Highlight anything that separates you from the pack.