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The 5 R's of Shoestring Marketing

By: Patti Biro
Posted: February 28, 2012, from the March 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Also, birthdays are the perfect opportunity to connect with clients, invite them back and offer them a reward for their business. A birthday offer should be significant enough for them to feel special. A complimentary add-on service has higher perceived value and is more personal than a discount. You may want to create a special birthday service, as well.


Whatever your limited budget is, review your return on investment (ROI). Take the time to look at every marketing expense. You may be able to eliminate or trim marketing expenses by reviewing where your dollars are going. You work hard for your marketing dollars, and they should work hard for you.


At least twice per year, take a fresh look at your skin care business through the eyes of a client. You might want to ask a friend or colleague to “mystery shop” your business. You’ll get great information for areas that need attention. Refreshing service areas, revamping menus and rearranging retail areas can boost not only your spirits, but also your revenue. Updated menus and retail displays create buzz, and that gets clients engaged.


Just as repeat clients are the heart of a shoestring marketing strategy, you need to repeat the steps above. Your goal is to make this part of your marketing habit. The reward is better allocation of time and dollars with less stress.

Patti Biro is the owner and founder of Patti Biro and Associates, a consulting firm specializing in planning and providing innovative continuing education in the spa and wellness industry. She is a frequent presenter on the regional, national and international circuits. Biro can be contacted at 877-561-0738 or via e-mail at